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Amid Exes and Whys (2019)

Amid Exes and Whys is a dance project that explores how self-reflection and embracing our true identity affects the dependency and love we seek. This is told through a perspective of two couples that are mirror imaged and gender swapped, showcasing that dance and love are not limited by gender. A unique collaboration with visual artist, Jake Ford, this works explores themes of power dynamics, self-doubt, and non-binary identities to grapple the messiness of love and acceptance. to disrupt these partnerships?

Dancers: Annie Honebrink, Rob Morrow, Emily Reinking O'Dell, Trevor Williams

Visual Artist: Jake Ford

Costumes: Alex Ludwig

Music: Christine and the Queens. Antony & the Johnsons, Fanny Mendelssohn

World Premiere: Louisville Ballet's Chor Show (Jan 2019)

Runtime: 11:38


“Amid Exes and Whys” is a trip down the rabbit hole of self-reflection; realizing our true identities and how that realization affects our lives. Mr. Ford’s design is a platformed, rope-light bedecked pyramid that serves as a mirror. Or is it a portal? Ah, one of the beauties of this clever ballet. Four dancers, two each on opposite sides, approach the pyramid – often mimicking the other, yet before long there is a breakaway to individualism. As the others see this there is at first hesitation, but soon there is an attraction and then interaction. It is within this interaction that we, the audience, experience the world of those that identify differently from others: love, hate, and the want/need of acceptance. - Annette Skaggs of Arts Louisville

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