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The Blood Project


The Blood Project tells the stories of eight interconnecting relationships on the theme of blood including gender identity, adoption, religion, diseases, self-harm, and love. This was created in collaboration with Allie Fireel and members of Louisville Youth Group.

Performed by Louisville Ballet

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Ascension is inspired by the matriarchal societies of elephants, more specifically the peaceful transition of power when a leader is ready to move on. This work showcases the power, grace, and reverence of these majestic beings. 

Performed by Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble


Carnival of the Animals #4 (2019)

Cirque de Jardin premiered as a collaboration between Louisville Ballet and CirqueLouis for the Waterfront Botanical Gardens' Prelude for Botanica. Produced by Ben Sollee and with music by Nise Got Beatz.

Performed by Leigh Anne Albrechta, Justin Michael Hogan, Brandon Ragland, Emily Reinking O'Dell, Ashley Thursby 




This work follows the journey of a romantic relationship. What happens when we grow apart from the ones we love? What other forces and people seek to disrupt these partnerships? Anagapesis shows us how we hold onto the nostalgia of a relationship that once was but can’t be reconciled. 

Performed by Rob Morrow, Ben Wetzel, and Sanjay Saverimuttu


Summer Waves (2017)

The second in a four part series, Summer Waves explores the diversity of ocean life. This work looks at the various symbiotic relationships within our oceans depths. Encapsulating human pollution and its wreckage of ocean life, this piece ends with a single dancer alone and lost in a sea of destruction.


Performed by Boca Ballet Theatre 




The first in a four part series, this work explores biological themes of phototropism, mutualism, sexual selection, and parental investment. The delicate and beautiful balance of these relationships is a commentary on how anthropogenic climate change risks destroying all of this. Created in collaboration with Teddy Abrams and Ben Sollee.

Performed by Louisville Ballet


Sea Change


This work expands the boundaries of how audiences view classic male and female gender roles in dance. It showcases differing power dynamics in relationships and redefines what is considered masculine and feminine.  


Performed by Louisville Ballet


The Movement


The Movement is a choreography-theatre hybrid, that focuses on the special bond of queer friendships and how those are challenged with the realities of a pandemic and racism. This was created in collaboration with Allie Fireel and Cris Eli Blak, and is the first professional choreo-play in Louisville. 

Performed by Louisville Ballet


Against the Waves


Against the Waves is inspired by the real life story of Sonali Deraniyagala, a survivor of the 2004 tsunami on the west coast of Sri Lanka. This dance work is an exploration of how one doesn’t necessarily get past grief, but also how healing can only begin by confronting one’s memories, not ignoring them.  

Performed by University of Kentucky


Amid Exes and Whys (2019)

Amid Exes and Whys explores how self-reflection and embracing our true identity affects the dependency and love we seek. In collaboration with artist, Jake Ford, this work explores themes of power dynamics, self-doubt, and non-binary identities to grapple the messiness of love and acceptance. 

Performed by Louisville Ballet


Always on Your Mind (2018)

What happens when we keep our internal thoughts to ourselves and allow those negative feelings to fester? The mind becomes a battleground of competing voices working to distance our perspectives from reality. How do societal standards and lack of privilege, and other factors outside of our control affect our ability to self-care?

Performed by Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble




Sunrise is inspired by my parents' immigration story, an emotional experience of leaving their home in Sri Lanka to start a new life in the US. It explores the strains of new beginnings and the uncertain transition into parenthood. Despite fears and anxieties, family bonds are strong enough to keep us determined and hopeful for the future.

Performed by Louisville Ballet

#regram _bocaballettheatre  My piece, Strata, performed by _rye_bread_1  and _robmorrow87



Society exists in many levels of power dynamics. This piece explores what happens when we try to fight back against society’s stratification and the satisfaction we derive when power dynamics are reversed.


Performed by Rob Morrow and Ryan Stokes


Strange Attractors (2014)

Strange Attractors are an equation or fractal set representing a complex pattern of behavior in a chaotic system. This piece explores the chaotic nature of our world and the many outcomes that can spawn from one idea.


Performed by Louisville Ballet



 Metronome is an original story that follows the lives of four kids as they discover their loves for the arts and the importance of practice and patience. This was created in collaboration with Erica Rucker and Austin Norrid. 

Performed by Louisville Ballet Studio Company


Respect the Boundary (2019)

A multi-disciplinary work created in collaboration with Allie Fireel and Adrienne Miller, Respect the Boundary, challenges audience members to explore the depths of their comfort and when it is appropriate to cross the line.  

Performed by Katherine Martin and Erica McClure


After the Pulse (2018)

This piece is an exploration of nostalgia and the way we deal with trauma. Inspired by the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting, this work seeks to intrude on the audience's consciousness as witnesses to ways of dealing with PTSD; aggression and depression.

Performed by Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble


And Don't Talk About It (2017)

This piece is an exploration of toxic masculinity. As men grow up to conform to society's standards of our gender, the repercussive behavior from those expectations can be extremely troubling and violent.  What happens when the boundaries are pushed too far, and how does that manifest in today's world? Who is to blame?

Performed by Louisville Ballet




Spectrums exist in many facets of life, and no matter where we find ourselves amongst those spectrums, we can be reassured that we are all part of one harmonious community. 


Performed by Louisville Ballet Youth Ensemble 


Solomon's Gift


Based on Howl, this piece explores the duality of society vs. the authentic self, and explores the relationship between Ginsberg and Solomon as they work within a society that is against them.  The piece ends on a note the poem foreshadows, with the two men walking off hand-in-hand having found each other again, yet still scarred by society.


Performed by Ballet Arkansas




This work explores the way the seven deadly sins (Pride, Sloth, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, and Lust) all exist in our personalities. They take precedent in different moments, work in tandem with one another, and work in opposition to the other sins.


Performed by Louisville Ballet

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