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The Movement

The Movement

The Movement

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This work explores the dynamics of queer friendships, chosen family, and other non-romantic relationships developed within the LGBTQ+ community, set against the backdrop of racial protests in Louisville. In collaboration with playwright, Allie Fireel, and artist Cris Eli Blak,  "The Movement" is a dance/theatre hybrid performance, seeking to combine voice, movement, and technology in one performance space. 

Dancers: Ellie Abbick, Emmarose Atwood, Jahi Bogard, Tyler Ferarro, Ryo Suzuki

Playwright: Allie Fireel

Poems: Cris Eli Blak

Voice Actors: Jahi Bogard, Sarah Elston Chen, Allie Fireel, Izzy Keel, Mollie Murk

Voice Direction: Ariadne Calvano

Costumes: Alex Ludwig

Lighting: Jesse Alford

Filmed: Kertis Creative

World Premiere: Louisville Ballet's Chor Show (May 2021)

Runtime: 17:05



Timely and something of a risk, The Movement is one of the most adventurous cross-pollinations of theatrical disciplines I have witnessed of speaks to Saverimuttu’s confidence in his vision and in his partners. He gives up the opportunity to show off his talent on more conventional terms for a fresh and arguably more innovative concept. - Keith Waits (Arts Louisville)
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