New Choreography Projects in Development by Sanjay Saverimuttu



Premieres as a part of Louisville Ballet's Moving Stories series in Feb 2021


Set to a new story by Erica Codey-Rucker with music by Austin Norrid, this work follows a boy named Mats and his friends and family, as they discover how the arts can be an effective tool to help people work through difficult situations, follow their dreams, and make new friends. If you are an educator, you can sign up your classroom at this link. Many classrooms may qualify for free access or a discounted rate so feel free to inquire. 

The Movement

Premieres at Louisville Ballet's ChorShow, tickets go on sale in Spring or through a subscription to Louisville Ballet's Season of Illumination


This work explores the dynamic of queer friendships, chosen family, and other non-romantic relationships developed within the LGBTQ+ community, set against the backdrop of racial protests in Louisville. In collaboration with playwrights, Allie Fireel and Cris Eli Blak,  The Movement is a dance/theatre hybrid performance, seeking to combine voice, movement, and technology in one performance space. This will be a digital performance filmed by Kertis Creative.