And Don't Talk About It

Dancers: Brandon Ragland, Ryan Stokes

John Brewer, Justin Michael Hogan, Roger Creel, Phillip Velinov, Kristopher Wojtera, Trevor Williams

Music: Hauschka

World Premiere: Louisville Ballet's Studio Connections (Sept 2017)

Runtime: 5:40

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"Sanjay Saverimuttu’s And Don’t Talk About It was an exciting expression of what Mr. Curran described as “toxic masculinity,” the theme of Fight Club boiled down to a visceral thumbnail. Eight male dancers clad in skirts maneuver forward in a tight skirmish line, and the interactions chart a trajectory of conflict resulting in a tragedy that doesn’t just call behavioral conventions for men into question but condemns them. Following in the tradition of Troy Games, but with a distinct lack of humor, it is a severe and powerful indictment." -Keith Waits (Arts Louisville)