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And Don't Talk About It

Dancers: Brandon Ragland, Ryan Stokes

John Brewer, Justin Michael Hogan, Roger Creel, Phillip Velinov, Kristopher Wojtera, Trevor Williams

Music: Hauschka

World Premiere: Louisville Ballet's Studio Connections (Sept 2017)

Runtime: 5:40

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And Don't Talk About It (2017)

And Don't Talk About It (2017)

"Sanjay Saverimuttu’s And Don’t Talk About It was an exciting expression of what Mr. Curran described as “toxic masculinity,” the theme of Fight Club boiled down to a visceral thumbnail. Eight male dancers clad in skirts maneuver forward in a tight skirmish line, and the interactions chart a trajectory of conflict resulting in a tragedy that doesn’t just call behavioral conventions for men into question but condemns them. Following in the tradition of Troy Games, but with a distinct lack of humor, it is a severe and powerful indictment." -Keith Waits (Arts Louisville)

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