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Summer Waves

Dancers: Students of Boca Ballet Theatre's 2017 Summer Program 

Music: Max Richter after Antonio Vivaldi

World Premiere: Boca Ballet Theatre's Brilliant Summer (Aug 2017)

Runtime: 13:30

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Summer Waves (2017)

Summer Waves (2017)


Saverimuttu’s three-part work, set to British composer Max Richter’s reimagining of “Summer” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, featured a number of elegant balletic poses, lovely couples work by Brittany Bonefas and Jorge Urbina, and a dark finale in which the entire company (wearing pretty spring-green costumes by Ines Lopez), is struck dead, falling en masse as one lone dancer looks at them for signs of life and then walks, stunned, through the bodies.

It was an unexpected but powerful ending to what had been a traditionally oriented dance vocabulary and an overall attitude of summer celebration. But Richter’s moody take on Vivaldi clearly drove Saverimuttu in the same direction, and Summer Waves works well as a compendium of classic, inventive ballet moves that provides a sharp shock at the close: I was reminded of Hiroshima, in which death came from the sky in the middle of a bright summer’s day. In any case, it was a well-constructed, well-danced work that reminded us all of how fast life can turn transient. -Greg Stepanich (Palm Beach Arts Paper)

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