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Dancers: Natalia Ashikhmina and Mark Krieger

Tiffany Bovard, Christy Corbitt, Darren McIntyre, Shelby Shenkman, Phillip Vellinov

Kasey Arvold, Felicity Audet, Hannah Harvey, Madelyn Nelson, Shannon Romeo

Music: Julia Kent

World Premiere: Louisville Ballet's Choreographers Showcase (Jan 2017)

Runtime: 20:44

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Sunrise (2017)

Sunrise (2017)


"Saverimuttu’s “Sunrise,” inspired by his own parents’ immigration story, is a timely reminder that our country is built on generations of immigrants. Krieger and Natalia Ashikhmina as the central couple were particularly powerful and connected. Saverimuttu gives them some beautiful partnering opportunities, with subtle shifts of arm and hand placements that shift their bodily relationship with neither of them appearing to have moved to accomplish that shift.

The introduction of the ensemble in black robes, over their neutral pastel gowns of the early scenes, serves to create both atmospheric darkness and danger as well as a more naturalistic suggestion of individuals in power who can deny an immigrant’s request. The mirroring of Krieger and Ashikhmina with two other couples suggests both the universality of their story, as well as the psychological toll such a journey takes on family, with nightmares and second-guessing choices. In this iteration of an immigrant story, the ending was one of hope and affirmation."-Kathi EB Ellis (WFPL)

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